Drink Cooler Bags

Finally, a freezable cooler bag which will keep your favourite drink cold until ready to drink! The entire bag has concealed coolant ice packs for maximum efficiency. Choose from Fruit box containers, wine bags and smoothie bags!

Drink Cooler Bags - Your Portable Fridge

Your long distance relationship with your fridge comes to an end officially, as you can now have cool drinks anywhere and at anytime you like.Drink cooler bags from CoolPod are a marvel to behold. These insulated bags with soft ice bags are non-toxic and well concealed in the bag. It's inner design ensures maximum insulation .

Cool Drinks Anywhere, Anytime:

When placed inside these bags on a hot day, all your drinks - water, wine, smoothies, fruit juices will be cooler for a long time since liquid coolant packs line the entire bag. This innovative product is also reliable when drinks at room temperature are placed inside the bag. They get chilled after two hours, and it's enough time to enjoy your drink afterwards, fresh and chilled.Besides, CoolPod cooler bags occupy less space in your freezer and are incredibly easy to use. Moreover, it is less messy as you can quickly clean it.

Quality Material

CoolPod cooler bags comprises of the following materials:
  • On the outside, it is Nylon, which essentially makes it easy to clean
  • The inside lining includes FDA approved, non-toxic nylon lining
  • And in between these two nylon layers are Coolant Ice packs, which are non-toxic

How to Use:

Just place the CoolPod bag in the freezer and leave overnight (at least 5-6 hours), and the next day it’s ready for use. When carrying drinks in these cooler bags, remember to close the lids tightly to prevent spillage. It ensures the ease of cleaning of the cooler bag later on.

How to Clean:

The CoolPod cooler bag is relatively easy to clean. You simply take a clean, moist cloth or sponge and wipe. Afterwards, you can place it back in the freezer for future use.