Lunch Cooler Bags

Finally, a freezable cooler bag which will keep your lunch cold until ready to consume. Perfect for school or office lunches. The entire bag has concealed coolant ice packs for maximum efficiency. Available in square, rectangular and round sizes.

Lunch Cooler Bags for a Healthy & Hearty Meals on the Go

If you’re what you eat, then you must eat from our lunch cooler bags. Your food and drink will stay fresh and chilled even after a long day at the office or school.

Cool and Convenient Lunch Bags ― Makes Your Lunch Time Extra Special

You can take CoolPod lunch cooler bags anywhere you go - picnics, camping, beaches, fishing, game stadiums, day trips and save money as a result. Your healthy home food placed inside these bags will be incredibly fresh for a long time as the entire bag is lined with coolant liquid packs. Moreover, when you place foods at room temperature inside the cooler bag, it gets chilled just within two hours. So you can enjoy your food fresh and chilled no matter where you travel.You can also use it to carry fruits, cereals, and salads when you want to enjoy them out while on the move. Just remember to place your fruits and salad in a cling wrap or plastic container to prevent any mess.

FDA Approved: Durable & Lightweight Material ― Keeps Your Food Safe and Fresh

Our cooler bags have a compact design and look beautiful from the inside out. The outside fabric and inner lining are made from quality and lightweight nylon. The coolant ice packs consist of purified gel in high quality bags. The best part about our lunch cooler bags is they are affordable and come in attractive colours and different shapes. They are small enough to carry around and large enough to fit what you wish.Say goodbye to greasy and costly fast foods and dull lunch times with our lunch cooler bags.