Wine cooler bags

Finally, a freezable wine cooler bag for your favourite BYO drink to your favourite  restaurant. The entire bag has concealed coolant ice packs for maximum efficiency. It will keep your wine cold for up to 8 hours.Read More...
Wine Cooler Bags for that perfect wine experience, anytime, anywhere! It is essential to serve and drink wine at a temperature which highlights its character, bouquet and flavor profile at its best. With our wine cooler bags, you will no longer worry about the temperature of your wine, even if you are on the go! These cooler bags can add lots of fun to your get-togethers. The wine cooler bags are completely insulated and perfect for carrying wine bottles and other drinks to picnic, barbeque parties, sporting events or to the beach. Wine Cooler Bags – How does it keep your wine cold? The wine cooler bags have concealed coolant gel ice pockets, foam and foil sewn under the new outer fabric and lining for maximum efficiency. They can keep your wine cold for up to 8 hours. Our wine cooler bags are manufactured with food safe premium quality durable nylon fabric This means you don’t have to add water into the bag anytime! Simply place the bottle of your favorite drink inside and say hello to chilled drinks on the go! How to use our Wine Cooler Bag? The wine cooler bag is easy to carry with an adjustable strap which can be used over the shoulder. Our wine cooler bags are lightweight and fit every standard wine bottle so that you never have to drink warm wine again, irrespective of wherever you are! If you are heading outdoors for a party or an event, you can simply place the empty wine cooler bag overnight in the freezer for about six hours. When you are ready to leave, simply remove the bag from the freezer, place the wine bottle inside, secure it by zipping it properly and enjoy your drink in the perfect temperature during any time of the day.